Hayley + Vince Chic City Elopement

Hayley + Vince

Hayley + Vince Chic City Elopement Paddington Weddings Brisbane


How did you and your partner meet?

We met on the dating app Bumble when we were both living in Townsville. I don’t think either of us expected to find what we did in each other, just right place and right time!

How did you know they were “The One”?

Soon after we met Vince went overseas for work, I then moved to Brisbane for work. So we had very separate lives. When Vince returned I flew up to Townsville to see him and it was like he had never left. So we both knew that we had something quite special and decided to make a long distance relationship work… which it did!

Hayley + Vince Chic City Elopement Paddington Weddings Brisbane


Which Bertossi Brides gown did you choose and how did you know it was your “Dream Dress”?

Oh it was a whole another level experience and Gill and Anne were so wonderful! I loved the store, the process and materials Anne uses from the moment we walked in. I liked the Frances gown and full skirt, however was looking for something a little ‘more’ for the neckline. After thinking about it for a day or so I emailed Gill and Anne with some inspo of what I was thinking… who said that they could look at doing up an off the shoulder neckline for me. So the ‘Cassandra’ top was put onto the ‘Frances’ bottom and my dream dress was made! How did I know it was it? I felt confident, sexy and most of all, myself in it. (Which is crazy for me with such a massive dress as I am not naturally one to dress up).

Hayley + Vince Chic City Elopement Paddington Weddings Brisbane



Tell us about your experience at Paddington Weddings?

Just fantastic. Cannot do enough for you. I was taking a lot of Pilates classes to get toned for the big day, and the amount of fittings and adjustments the team did to make sure it was the right fit and look was outstanding. We eloped, but hope to have our big day with family in the future so Anne also took this into consideration with the hem length so it can still look fresh with a few adjustments when we (hopefully!) get to do it all again next year.

Hayley + Vince Chic City Elopement Paddington Weddings Brisbane

Tell us a bit about your final look, what accessories, MUA and hairstylist did you choose? What the inspo behind the final outcome?

I wanted to have a timeless and elegant look, so I kept accessories to a minimum and as personal as possible. My shoes were a rose suede Jimmy Choo pump with pearl strap that my little sister bought for me, and I had diamond and pearl drop earrings that Vince and his family had bought me, and a ribbon edged veil that perfectly matched the dress material. Oh, and a blue handkerchief from my brother – fit perfectly in the pocket… yes pockets, in my dress!
I used Erin Delahunty makeup and hair. I really wanted a mobile MUA so that I could relax in the hotel and not rush around town. Having our day on Christmas Eve made this harder, but Erin was marvellous.
I also had a small dried hair piece that matched my bouquet from Kate Dawes Flower Design. We didn’t plan to have dried flowers, however due to the timing of the day that made it easier to have them all done for with Kate. I am so glad that I did! The bouquet, button holes and my hairpiece are still in perfect condition months later so have got much more enjoyment out of them and get to look at my bouquet on my nightstand every day.

Hayley + Vince Chic City Elopement Paddington Weddings Brisbane

Where did you get married? Tell us about all of the finer details that went in to create such a fabulous wedding?

We eloped! We got married at the Queensland State Library in their ‘Red Box’ on Christmas Eve. It was stunning – right on the water but inside amongst all the books. We were really lucky that that part of the library was closed to the public so we were able to book it for our ceremony. We took a small rug with us to stand on for the ceremony and now have under our reading chair as a reminder of when we stood on it in the library and exchanged our vows.

The other important part of our day was our photographer, Todd Hunter McGraw, who also doubled as our celebrant to keep it really intimate and his talented wife Alyda shot the ceremony. Vince and I each had a brother there, but that was all.
We spent time in the library afterwards capturing some epic shots, and then met our dog Billy outside (who was dressed up for the occasion) so he could share it with us as well. We then had a whirlwind tour of the city and hotel with champagne hanging with our awesome photographers Todd & Alyda who made it magical. Then on to a banquet dinner at Libertines – we had a large table in a really intimate setting and the food was absolutely amazing. Just perfect.

What made your day extra special?

Having just our two brothers there from interstate, so we each had some support. I didn’t realise how much of a big deal it would still feel like with an elopement (which sounds silly in hindsight) – I was so glad we both had someone there to help us prepare in the morning. We were also able to FaceTime the family have and them all be a part of the day albeit briefly. Some were in on it, but our parents were not – so surprising them all dressed up and ‘Just Married’ was very special too!

Best moment of the day?

Oh so many! Hard to choose. I think walking down and seeing Vince waiting getting all choked up!

Hayley + Vince Chic City Elopement Paddington Weddings Brisbane

Are you honeymooning? If so where?

We want to have a big party with family and friends to celebrate in Margaret River in WA (and a great excused to wear my beautiful dress again!) – so that will count as our honeymoon I think.

Finally, what’s one piece of advice would you give to future brides?

Everyone says that it goes so fast… and I thought it might not for us because it was an elopement and super small, but it really does! Enjoy every minute in your beautiful gown, the feeling of the day is one unlike anything else and a memory that you will treasure forever.



Hayley + Vince Chic City Elopement Paddington Weddings Brisbane



Hayley + Vince Chic City Elopement Paddington Weddings Brisbane

Bertossi Brides Gown + Accessories: Frances Gown with the Cassandra Bodice + the Cathedral Length Veil

Tux: Wil Valor

Photographer: Todd Hunter Mcgaw

Locations: Queensland State Library and the Calile Hotel

Florist: Kate Dawes Flower Design

MUA + Hairstylist: Erin Delahunty Makeup and Hair