The Ultimate Guide to Finding “The One” at Paddington Weddings

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First of all, we’re going to say if you’re reading this, then you’re most likely engaged, congrats! Planning a wedding is A LOT so we understand that shopping for your wedding gown can be extremely daunting and scary, however, we are here to help. With Anne and Gill’s many years of knowledge and experience, our number 1 goal is for you to have the best experience with us as possible, making it a day you’ll never forget.



When should I start looking?

The Ultimate Guide to Finding "The One" at Paddington Weddings Paddington Weddings Brisbane

We would recommend starting roughly around 12 months before your wedding date. All of our gowns are made right here in the studio and because of this, it makes our gowns very exclusive so we have limited numbers available (just like a Birkin ;)). In saying this, we would say if you love a Paddington Weddings gown, then we recommend booking sooner rather than later! Having enough time will a) ensure your spot with us, and b) will give us enough time to create your gown and give us room to do any alterations (if needed). Once you have decided that you want to try on dresses at Paddington Weddings, it’s then time to book your appointment.


Where do I start?

Well, the first step is of course to book an appointment with us. Our online booking system is easy and hassle-free. Simply choose whatever time suits you and voila! You’re all booked in (see it wasn’t that hard!). Then as yourself what is the style of my wedding, is it urban or is it coastal? What is my personal style – what necklines do I like? This will help narrow down the choice to make for your special day, you want to look amazing but also need to be practical for your venue.

We would then suggest going through our Instagram @paddingtonweddings or our collections on our website. Once you have saved a bunch of things onto your phone, you’re ready for your appointment.


The Ultimate Guide to Finding "The One" at Paddington Weddings Paddington Weddings Brisbane


Who do I bring to my appointment?

Who you bring to your appointment will heavily influence your decision when it comes to finding your dream dress, so it’s important that you surround yourself with an encouraging bride tribe! First off all, ask yourself “Who do I want to see me in my gown before my wedding day?” Do you even want anyone to see you in your dress and leave it for a big surprise on your wedding day? Another question to ask yourself is “Who will support my decision and give me good feedback rather than just being negative?” Some brides actually like to go to our appointments alone to get a clear idea of what they want rather than being influenced by friends or family.


What to bring/wear to my appointment?

To begin with we would advise you wear minimal to no makeup and definitely don’t get a spray tan before trying on dresses (yes, we’ve seen it all). If you have your wedding shoes already or a similar pair of heels, bring those to the appointment to kind of get an idea of what your dress may look like in the end result. If you plan on wearing a bra on the day bring that too, although Anne’s gowns are always structured and supportive meaning most of our brides go without on their special day! On the topic of bras, make sure you wear a nude seamless pair of underwear or Spanx (if you plan on wearing any shapewear) to your appointment, wearing the right underwear can dramatically change how you feel in a dress!

The Ultimate Guide to Finding "The One" at Paddington Weddings Paddington Weddings Brisbane


The Ultimate Guide to Finding "The One" at Paddington Weddings Paddington Weddings Brisbane

What to expect at my appointment?

Mainly you can expect lots of laughs, maybe some happy tears (it’s okay, were have tissues), and trying on lots of beautiful dresses! Our appointments go for approximately 1 hour, and during that time Anne or Gill will help you navigate your own personal style within our studio! It always helps if you come prepared with some sort of idea of what you’d like to further narrow down the choices. And if you end up saying “YES!” To one of our dresses we will then start the ordering process by taking your measurements.


Found the one? What happens after you say “Yes!”

Congrats! You found the one, give yourself a pat on the back and you’re one step closer to getting married! After deciding on what dress you want, you will sign a few documents and put a deposit down. Then you will receive a sketch with a sample of your dress’ fabric.  From there we will book an appointment for you to do a final appointment where you try on your finished dress. During this time, our very talented ladies in the studio are busy making your dress, spending countless hours ensuring your dress is perfection! After the dress is complete you will arrive for your final appointment then you will book any alterations (if needed). Once any final touch up are finished, You are free to take your dress home and get married!


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The Ultimate Guide to Finding "The One" at Paddington Weddings Paddington Weddings Brisbane


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