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Your bridal journey usually starts with a wedding dress…and a lot of questions. If you’ve got questions about our wedding dresses, accessories and services, then feel free to browse our list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question here, don’t worry. At Paddington Weddings, no question goes unanswered. Simply pick up the phone and give us a call, or drop by our store in trendy Paddington, Brisbane. Otherwise, contact Gill directly via bertossi@paddingtonweddings.com.au.

We pride ourselves on the individual time we spend with our brides at Paddington Weddings, so we ask that all brides book an appointment beforehand.

Our appointments run for an hour. This gives you plenty of time to have a good look around and try on some of our wedding dresses. We will do sketches of your favourites and give you fabric samples and quotes at the end. If you need to come in for a second appointment to make your final decision, that is no problem at all. Sometimes you need time to think over the big decision.

Not at all. Your design consultation is free of charge. We want you to relax and enjoy your time with us at Paddington Weddings as you fall in love with one of our Bertossi Brides wedding dresses.

Although we don’t have a maximum number, if possible we ask that you keep it under 5 (including yourself). We are only a small boutique and it will be uncomfortable for you in the fitting rooms if you bring many more. We understand this is hard sometimes, but as fun as it sounds to have a large entourage, in our experience, fittings can be quite stressful for the bride in such a large group.

We find that wearing nude underwear is best when trying on wedding dresses, but you don’t need to worry about shoes. We have a box that you can stand on if the wedding dresses are too long, so you can see how the skirt falls. It is worth browsing the website and social media pages and saving some of the gowns that you like the look of on your phone, so we can show you those styles when you are in store.

While Anne is very flexible within her Bertossi Brides collection (e.g. you can have the skirt of one gown and the bodice of another, or add sleeves and trains) we won’t copy a gown from another designer, or use anything other than our own silks and laces. However, if you have images of wedding dresses you like, send us the images. We may have similar styles in our collection, or find a way to combine a few aspects from various Bertossi Brides designs to create a gown you will love. Please e-mail Gill via bertossi@paddingtonweddings to discuss this further.

We are lucky enough to have two parking spaces at the back of our store. To access these parks, you need to drive down the driveway to the right-hand side of our store. Our parking can get very busy, especially on Saturdays. If our carpark is full, there is also 2-hour parking on Latrobe Terrace and unlimited parking on Enoggera Terrace nearby.

At Paddington Wedding we make wedding dresses for brides of all shapes and sizes. We would love to have all our wedding dresses in every size, but due to the size of our quaint showroom and the cost of our stunning fabrics, our samples are mainly sizes 10-12 with a selection of the collection in sizes 16-18. In most cases, however, we can create mock ups to show our brides what a design will look like and have clever tricks to give you a feel for the designs you love.

Our workrooms are located in-store, so we can create wedding dresses in a reasonably short period of time. So, even if your wedding is very soon, it’s always worth giving us a call, we can often help. In most cases, however, we find six to nine months before your wedding day is the perfect amount of time for you to confirm your dress. That way you can relax and look forward to your big day.

Once you pick your dream dress you will be offered either a 'Couture' or 'Ready to Wear' options. A 'Couture' gown is custom made, tailored to each individual bride in our beautiful store in Paddington, Brisbane by Anne and her talented team. We give you the final price of your gown when we first meet you so there are no surprises. Included in this price is five fittings to ensure the perfect fit, bra cups if needed, hems, bustles and any last-minute adjustments needed the week of your wedding. It is a wonderful experience and if it is within your budget and you have the time available you will cherish this special time.

Once you pick your dream dress you will be offered either a 'Couture' or 'Ready to Wear' options. A 'Ready to Wear' gown is created in the stock size nearest to your measurements, this is a great option for brides who are time poor, out of town or budget conscious. Your gown will still be created in the same quality fabrics and by our talented team right here in Brisbane, it is simply the reduced fittings that allow us to offer this saving. (We have an in house alterations service available for any adjustments that may be needed at an additional cost)

We create wedding dresses for brides all over Australia and the world. Because our workrooms are located in store, we are very flexible with our timeframes. Providing we are given plenty of notice, we can create a 'Couture' gown in one trip to Brisbane over four days and three nights, or two overnight stays. We are happy to work around any trips you have planned to Brisbane over the year and will do everything we can to create a couture, made to measure gown for you, even if you live many miles away. With the reasonably priced flights and accommodation available today, anything is possible!

Or if you decide on our convenient 'Ready to Wear' option we can create the gown in the stock size closest to your measurements and you can either come to Brisbane and collect your gown or we can deliver it to your door.

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Paddington Weddings is home to renowned designer, Anne Bertossi and her signature label, Bertossi Brides. Working from our beautiful workers cottage in trendy Paddington, Anne is one of Brisbane’s few ‘couture’ bridal designers. Since 1992, Anne’s dresses have won awards and earned features in bridal magazines across the country.