‘Couture’ or ‘Ready to Wear’, what is the difference???

So many Brides ask us ‘what is the difference between ‘Couture’ and ‘Ready to wear’? They are very confusing terms used in the wedding dress business today, many shops use the ‘Couture’ word in their marketing but what does that really mean??? We are here to set the record straight and answer all your questions……

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‘Ready to Wear’

This is a gown that you have picked from a collection and is created in a stock size, closest to your measurements. This is a perfect choice for a bride who finds it hard to visualise what a gown will look like. You are normally able to try on the exact or very similar gown before booking, this gives you confidence in your decisions and there are no surprises.

‘Ready to Wear’ is great for busy brides who are limited for time or live a distance from the designer. Less fittings are needed due to the gown being completely made up for you when you collect your gown. It is also a great help for brides on a tighter budget as less fittings means you see a lower price point.

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At Paddington Weddings you are still able to mix and match around within our ‘Ready to Wear’ collection, we allow our brides to change around laces and necklines to ensure the gown suits them and their wedding perfectly. We are lucky enough to have our workrooms right here in Brisbane so your gown is still 100% Australian made in the highest quality fabrics, the saving is really the fitting process which is very time consuming.

We offer a reasonably priced ‘in house’ alteration service by our experienced seamstresses for our ‘Ready to Wear’ brides, we don’t just sell you the gown and then send you away. We can even offer last minute alterations if you lose weight the week of your wedding. When you become a Bertossi Bride you become part of our family and we will do all we can for you right up to the wedding, you are in safe hands.

Go with a ‘Ready to Wear’ gown if:

  • You have fallen in love with a gown and don’t want too many changes
  • You live a distance from the designer or store
  • You are busy and would find it hard to go to fittings
  • You are a fairly standard size
  • You want to save money (but keep in mind alteration charges)
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A real ‘Couture’ gown is designed with the bride in mind and crafted in the highest quality fabrics over many fittings to a brides exact measurements. This allows brides flexibility in design and fabric choices and always gives a perfect fit.

This is ideal for a bride who has a style in mind but is struggling to find ‘The One’ or if you just wants something a little unique and special. It is also a great option if like many of us you don’t have a standard figure. You may be very tall, petite, fuller in the bust or hips. A real ‘Couture’ gown is crafted over several fittings to your exact measurements and will fit like a glove, even allowing for last minute weight loss the week of your wedding.

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We regularly meet with brides who have been miss sold a ‘Ready to Wear’ gown with the promise that it can be altered to fit (this is often advice from someone who has never sewn in their life!) You know your own body and your own struggles with finding clothes to fit, it is no different with wedding dresses. If you are more than one size difference from bust to hips you are generally going to need a lot of alterations which can be very costly. You can sometimes end up spending more than a ‘Couture’ gown and still not be able to achieve the perfect fit. Always get advice from a qualified dressmaker and keep in mind letting out a dress is nearly always impossible, don’t purchase a gown thinking you are going to starve yourself to fit into it. We hear of many brides who have to buy a second dress because they have not ended up the size they thought they would. This is very stressful for them and very costly.

‘Couture’ is a great option for brides who are on a weight loss program. If you are measured 9 months out from your wedding and then are lucky enough to drop 10 kg your dress will need a LOT of alterations and end up very expensive. Our Couture gowns are not started till 12 weeks before the wedding, even later if we know our brides are on a health kick. Then over the fittings we catch any last minute changes all included in the ‘Couture’ price.

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If it is within your budget there is nothing like having a gown tailor made just for you here at Paddington Weddings. It is a magical experience and you have ‘one on one’ appointments with Anne Bertossi herself and each gown is individually crafted by our talented team from our studio in Brisbane. Your gown will come to life at each fitting and you cherish the moments and enjoy being involved in the choices from the initial fabrics to the final finishes.

Go with a Couture gown if:

  • You are struggling to find ‘The One’ and want something unique
  • You are not just a straight size 10 or 12
  • You are intending to lose weight before your wedding
  • You want a magical experience to remember
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We have a stunning collection of wedding dresses in our Paddington Studio for our brides to fall in love with. We give honest advice if a ‘Ready to Wear’ gown is right for you or if you would benefit from a Couture gown. Our Ready to Wear option ranges from $2200 to $3500. Our Couture option ranges from $2950 and go up to $4500 depending on design.